EuroSimulation Athens 2016


Under the auspices of the Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation and the communication support of the European Youth Card Greece, Eurosimulation Athens 2016 is being organized for the fifth consecutive year!
The conference will take place in Athens – the cradle of democracy – from Thursday, March 10 until Sunday, March 13, 2016 at the Eugenides Foundation!
During the EuroSimulation Athens 2016 – a simulation of the European Institutions – the participants will familiarize themselves with the decision-making processes of real life institutions and come in contact with true leaders in the political scene that will guide them and offer precious advice and support.
EuroSimulation Athens 2016 aims to provide a healthy environment that encourages team spirit and multiculturalism, where participants will have the chance to improve their rhetoric skills, gain confidence and experience through debates based on interesting subjects as well as forge strong and lasting friendships!
Join EuroSimulation in Athens to discuss, debate, negotiate and facilitate the changes you wish to see in the European Union!

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