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EYCA-Logos-RBG_Secondary YellowThe European Youth Card Association (EYCA ) is a non-profit organization representing 37 organizations in 35countries across Europe, who are committed in promoting mobility and encouraging the active participation of more than 6 million young Europeans, holders of the European Youth Card.

The EYCA has a member-organization in each country / region where it is represented (NGOs, private foundations, government and public organizations, private companies), which promotes the card and provides new benefits in areas such as: culture, mobility, tourism, services and products.

The supreme governing body is the General Assembly, which elects ten members of the Board and the President.EYCA-Tagline+URL Lock-RBG_YellowThe EYCA was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Belgium (Brussels).


  • Promotes youth mobility, offering young people benefits in transportation, accommodation and other travel services.
  • Provides information regarding the young people through many channels of communication that are available to its members – national and regional websites, magazines, newsletters, discount lists, groups in social media and more.
  • Encourages youth participation in: organizing and promoting projects, exchange programs, campaigns, competitions and other events aimed at young people.

Visit eyca.org to read more about the history, structure and objectives of EYCA, or download the EYCA brochure below.


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