Join the love campaign organized by the European Youth Card!


 Help the Doctors of the World!

Join the love campaign organized by the European Youth Card!

The Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation and the European Youth Card, reinforce with your help the invaluable work of the Doctors of the World!

For each European Youth Card that will be issued or renewed during December, one (1) euro will be donated to the Doctors of the World!

The amount gathered will be spent on food and medicine that will be offered to the organization.

The organization is motivated by the principle that each human being has a right to humanitarian help, regardless of gender, origin, sexual orientation, religion, ideology or political beliefs.

Doctors of the World act on the principles of neutrality, impartiality and since the beginning of their action, they have created numerous programs within the boundaries of Greece, as well as abroad, with the aim to provide medical and other services to marginal population groups that do not have access to medical services and are in need of medical attention.

By issuing the European Youth Card today and gaining access to discounts and offers by educational institutions, transportation, tourism, telecommunications, shops etc, we help the Doctors of the World to offer humanitarian and medical help to those in need in Greece and abroad.


Be part of this effort!

With a tiny move, you can make a big difference!

See the press release (in greek) HERE

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