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AFFIDEA Private Polyclinic

Address: Λ. ΒΟΥΛΙΑΓΜΈΝΗΣ 122, ΤΚ 11528, ΑΘΗΝΑ

Phone: 2106148780

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Medical visits in all medical specialties of the Polyclinics of the Affidea Group at the preferential price of 15 € Additional 10% discount on the special privileged packages of preventive examinations (check-up) and specifically:

ü Basic Check Up: General Blood, General Urine, Red Sedimentation Rate (TKE), Sugar, Urea, Total Lipids, Uric Acid, Cholesterol, Creatinine, Atherosclerotic Index, Triglycerides, HDL, LDL, STOT, SGOT-S ü Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Antibodies to Hepatitis A, Australian Antigen (Hepatitis B), Antibodies to Hepatitis C, HIV

Preferential prices for Covid-19 detection test (Rapid at € 7.00 and PCR test at € 40.00)

Preferential price 20 € for the test of antibodies against the SPIN S of SARS-CoV-2 (the test measures the antibodies for Covid-19 and is indicated after the second dose of vaccination)

Additional 20% discount on dermatological services at the standard City Med Dermatological Centers of the Affidea Group in Athens, Thessaloniki, Kalamata, Sparta (and soon in Chania and Alimos) as well as at the Dermatological services of the Polyclinics of the Affidea Group in Athens, Peristeri and Hera

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