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Discount: Cosmote offers to all adult European Youth Cardholders the following privileges: 1. for all Contract or CardContract subscribers: 10% discount on the fees for 12 months 2. for “What’s Up” subscribers: a bonus of 600 minutes to all “What’s Up”numbers and 600 MB Internet on mobile every month 3. 4% discount on all mobile phones devices 4. 4% discount on all Tablets 5. 5% discount on all prepaid card packs with a mobile device 6. 5% discount on all COSMOTE Prepaid Internet on the Go full pack 7. 5% discount on all TOSHIBA & SONY VAIO Laptops European Youth Cardholders will be able to acquire these deals at all COSMOTE, OTE and GERMANOS stores. *1. The discount will not be provided additionally to other special offers or packs for students or unemployed. *2. The bonus is assigned every month at the first renewal of 10 € , for 12 months after the registration of the European Youth Cardholder. The offer does not apply to European Youth Cardholders that are subscribers to prepaid WHAT'S UP packs and are making use of any other COSMOTE offer for students. *3. Discounts on Mobile devices, Tablets and Laptops are applied in all OTE, COSMOTE and GERMANOS stores only for device purchase (not for new connection or number transfer to COSMOTE contract, nor conversion of prepaid COSMOTE pack to COSMOTE contract) Moreover, they can not be combined with any other current or future discounts to the species, for as long as they are valid. *4. Apart from the COSMOTE Internet On The Go Student Full Pack.