Visit of the European Youth Card Association in Athens for the European Youth Card Greece!

With great pleasure yesterday and today we welcomed to INEDIVIM the members of the European Youth Card Association consisting of Mr. Manel Sanchez Director of the Organization, Ms. Corina Pirvulescu Project and Support Manager and Mr. Pablo Guillerna Project Manager and Training.
We had the opportunity to discuss the development of the European Youth Card program in Greece implemented by INEDIBIM in collaboration with the General Secretariat for Vocational Education, Training, Lifelong Learning and Youth of the Ministry of Education & Religions, to jointly explore various opportunities and examples of good program implementation practices in the other 35 countries participating in this institution.
The meeting took place in the context of the Agency’s support for the development and sustainability of the program. Finally, we would like to warmly thank Ms. Dora Bey, Director of Youth of the Ministry of Education, who always supports the Youth programs that we implement.

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